Apprenticeship as a tool for training & employment (Erasmus KA3 – Fair Project)

Apprenticeship as a tool for training and employment (Fair Project)


European Academy has participated in September to the joint session led by the Chamber of Commerce of Giurgiu (Romania) on the “F.A.I.R. Project”, an Erasmus Plus (KA3) where EA is one of the main and strategic partners, whose aim is to study and to promote among entrepreneurs the apprenticeship contracts as a tool for training and employment.

In this “Design Meeting”, that took place at the Chamber of Commerce of Giurgiu (Romania), have been prepared the first footsteps of the project that started in November 2016 and that will last 24 months.

This prestigious “Erasmus +” project includes, among several activities, the training of 20 people responsible to promote apprenticeship contracts towards enterprises, giving technical assistance and information concerning the advantages produced by this kind of contract.

The project includes the participation of Chambers of commerce, training institutions and business associations belonging to three different European countries (Italy, Romania and Spain).

In this project, 10 other European partners are participating with a total amount of funds reaching 637.084 euro.

Among the short time objectives and actions to carry on in the next period (in Romania, Italy and Spain), it should pointed out the realization of working meetings with the participation of:  a) experts on the subject; b) recognized private enterprises for training; c) training institutions; d) universities; e) trade unions, etc.

Their participation and involvement aims to raise proposals on the improvement of institutions and regulations related to the apprenticeship form of contract.

Project objectives

The FAIR project aims to promote apprenticeship towards SMEs, a tool which is generally not known and especially not used. It aims to reach its goal through the activation of a stakeholder network which groups together companies, employment centers, training organizations, social partners, industry organizations and public administrations. The project aims to increase the number of SMEs that welcome young workers in apprenticeship. The Chambers of commerce involved will have the main task to coordinate the network and will become permanent support structures on the subject, providing ad hoc services.

The project is going to be articulated in the macro actions described below:

  1. Model/best practice/database mapping used for the matching between young people and enterprises and the training of business tutors;
  2. Realization of a FAIR help desk and creation of “Apprenticeship Promotion Angel” to support and assist SMEs with apprenticeship;
  3. Creation of dialogue/exchange moments between SMEs and institutions involved in apprentices training, to create new collaborations and synergies;
  4. Territorial diffusion and dissemination of the results and tools realized.


“Design Meeting” held in Romania has been a success and demonstrated that best practices exchanges, international cooperation and a strong activities planning will give an added value in every country involved on issues related to employability, training and Apprenticeship.


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