Call for Expressions of Interest – Translations for GuG Romania!

14th June 2019 – Call for Expressions of Interest – Translations for “GuG project” in Romania!

Consultancy Service (for Translation) in the framework of the project “GET UP AND GOALS! Global education time: an international network of learning and active schools for SDGs” ( 


  1. Background Information

“European Academy” ( is a Romanian association deeply involved in educational and research activities financed by the European Social Fund and international cooperation projects, dedicated to students, minorities, women and target groups. The scope of work is to increase capacity of local actors to address employment policies, to access to labor market for unemployed, marginalized and underprivileged groups and to provide services, training courses and life learning programs that support and accelerate social inclusion.

EA mission is related to help disadvantaged people to access the labor market, by improving their skills and supporting entrepreneurship and social enterprises. EA’s main goals is the integration of cross-cutting issues, incorporating equality issues (such as gender and disability) into all policy sections and activities and collecting data on gender participation when relevant.

Since November 2017, European Academy has been a partner organization in implementing a three years project (hereinafter “the project”) named GET UP AND GOALS! Global education time: an international network of learning and active schools for SDGs.

The project, framed under the EC DEAR (Development Education and Awareness Raising) initiative, is implemented in partnership with other non-profit entities in the following EU countries: Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, The Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom.

Association “European Academy” ( is co-applicant of this action and will implement the activity in Romania.

The general objective of the project is “To contribute to structurally link formal education to Global Citizenship Education (GCE) and awareness on SDGs”, while the expected outcomes are the following:

  • European teachers and other stakeholders (schools managers, institutions in charge for education) are aware of GCE and of the SDGs;
  • Teachers participating in training have the competencies and the adequate materials to embed it in their teaching of SDGs;
  • Students have improved their commitment on project issues through the participation in public awareness actions on SDGs; and
  • Increased the coherence of quality assessment of GCE learning outcomes, in formal education, at a European level.

One important expected component of the project is a 3 volumes textbook of world history, to be utilised in the European secondary schools of the 12 countries involved in the project subsequently to its testing and further adaptation. The textbook will be composed of a main text and an educational apparatus (maps, exercises, boxes, charts…).

The total number of characters of the 3 volumes including the educational apparatus (spaces included), will be approximately 985.000. The whole text will be written in English.


  1. Nature and scope of the Consultancy Service

Association “European Academy” ( is seeking for a qualified consultant in charge for a careful translation of the 3 volumes, including educational apparatus as above specified in line with accepted academic standards.

The first volume (approximately one third of the work) will be available during spring 2019 and will have to be fully translated 20 days after the start of the assignment.

The second volume will be available starting from Summer 2019 and will have to be translated after 20 days; the third volume will be available from July 2019 and will have to be translated after 20 days.  Guidelines for the translation (including a glossary of some key terms) will be provided.


  1. How to apply

Interested applicants are invited to submit to Association “European Academy”,

writing in the subject “Translations for GuG Romania no later than 29 June 2019 at 06:00 pm, national time:

  • CV plus any attachment considered appropriate with evidenced academic qualifications, professional assignments undertaken
  • Any other information relevant to the subject of the consultancy as indicated at paragraph 2 and 4.
  • Economic offer.

Considering that on 29th June no formal offers have been received, European Academy has decided to postpone the deadline at 30.08.2019.

  1. Evaluation Criteria
  • To be formally authorized in Romania as translator from English to Romanian language.
  • Experience in the translation/review of English academic books, articles and papers.
  • Experience in the translation/ review of English history publications, preferably in the field of world/global history.
  • Proof of being English native speaker is a plus.
  • To be able to translate from Italian language to Romanian is an advantage.
  • Best value for money.
  1. Further procedures to be applied

Association “European Academy” will establish a selection committee to assess the appropriateness of the candidates in accordance to the criteria listed at paragraph 4.

Only candidates meeting the required criteria, in accordance to unquestionable evaluations done by the selection committee, will be contacted. Should the committee consider it necessary; candidates will be asked to provide additional information and/or documentation.

Finally, Association “European Academy” will select the consultant and propose her/him to sign a contract in accordance with the commercial/ labour laws of Romania. For further information, feel free to contact us via mail at .

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