Consultancy and Services


European Academy is a non-profit organization, in which companies and government agencies, both Italian and Romanian, can meet in order to contribute – through direct interventions in the increasing sectors of economic life – to social and economic inclusion, by supporting existing business initiatives and developing new ones.

Our structure is made up by dynamic professionals who have offered to assist entrepreneurs in Romania, by identifying the best solutions and opportunities for your business at national level. Thus, after the good performance during 2007-2013 programming period, we intend to contribute to the sustainable development of Romanian economy and to increase the absorption rate of available funds. In order to reach this result, we provide specific services in business consulting and management domains, ensuring expansion, diversification and growth for our clients’ results. We offer technical and financial consulting services throughout Romania.

Concerning EU Funds opportunities, EA could be the ideal partner for whose are going to apply for non-refundable funds for their projects. We help you to obtain non-reimbursable funds. For all types of EU funded actions, we take care of the elaboration of the documents you need to submit your project at the authorities.

European Academy also carries out marketing activities, feasibility studies and analysis performed both in Romania and abroad. Our services moreover include development of data services, technical support tools management, strengthening and developing economic structures – mainly SMEs – and general secretarial services.

Business consulting on projects