EA involved in the F.A.I.R. Project (Erasmus KA3)!

FAIR Project – Fostering Apprenticeships sharing Ideas and Resources 

“Erasmus +” Project, Key Action nr. 3 – Support for Policy Reform

Support for small and medium sized enterprises engaging in apprenticeships.

Start date: 01 Oct 2016, End date: 30 Sep 2018

Project Reference: 572742-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPKA3-SUP-APPREN

Project is ONGOING.  Budget: €  509.667,42.


F.A.I.R. means “Fostering Apprenticeship sharing Ideas and Resources” both at transnational level, allowing the cooperation and the exchange of practice/models/results among partners, and at local level, through the creation of territorial synergies with the active involvement of key actors; joining their efforts and starting to talk each others, they can design and undertake successful strategies and actions.

Our project arises from these two strictly interrelated perspectives. Their synergy could represent a way to face a common problem of the three involved countries: the resistance of SMEs in using apprenticeship. FAIR means also that apprenticeship is something “good”, with a power in stimulating companies towards a social responsibility.

Italy, Spain and Romania are characterized by common low performances in the diffusion of apprenticeships, but with solid traditions in work-based learning that could be enhanced and innovated. The three involved areas are strategic because they need to foster apprenticeships among companies through synergic approaches strongly linked to the social and economic environment.

FAIR aims at empowering capacities and potentialities of the involved Chambers of Commerce that will become collectors of ideas and resources, and will be territorial landmarks for stakeholders and enterprises that will receive direct support services and indirect benefits:

  • Creation of permanent territorial Think Tanks to address policies & strategies;
  • Collection/enhancement of territorial and national resources such as informative and guidance supports, databases and tools, programs for in-company trainers, etc
  • Creation of a permanent link between education and employment organizations, aimed at matching skills needs and training programs;
  • Building smart and user-friendly support services dedicated to enterprises: information and practical guidance support, individual coaching, linkage with training organizations, availability of training programs for in-company tutors;
  • Organization of national awareness campaign focused on the spreading of a “new image” of apprenticeships, inspired by the history and oriented to the present/future;
  • Creation of a “FAIR Brand” that evokes ethical meanings and that will be linked to the social responsibility policies.


FORMAPER – VIA MERAVIGLI 9/B, 20123, Milan, Extra-Regio NUTS 2 (Italy). Formaper is an organization specialized in EU projects and trainings, connected with the Chamber of Commerce of Milan. It is a social representative partner of working life (chambers of commerce, trade union, trade association) in Italy.

The role of European Academy

European Academy is in charge from Romania with all the activities related to dissemination (promotional materials), information (press releases, social media, etc) and sustainability.

European Academy will assure the use of coherent communication channels and vehicles promoting the FAIR Results, its Products, Guidelines, FAIR SME Brand at local, national and EU levels. EA communication strategy relies on cooperation with regional & int. stakeholders, during & after project duration.

EA will focus on awareness Campaign addressed to SMEs through local events aimed at spreading the work-based learning culture, the re-styling of the Apprenticeship image and the creation of FAIR Brand that links apprenticeships to the social responsibility. The social media will be one of the main channels, beyond the press lobby and the networking activities that each partner will undertake enhancing its networks.

Partners participants to “Erasmus +” K.A.3. FAIR Project


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