„Supporting employment through EU Funds”

The European Social Fund (ESF) was set up to improve employment opportunities in the European Union and consequently help raise standards of living. It aims to help people fulfill their potential by providing them with better skills and better job prospects, by supporting initiatives to tackle the country’s social challenges and poverty, with a particular attention to deprived or marginalized communities.

In Romania, ESF focuses on:

• increasing the adaptability of workers and enterprises,

• enhancing access to employment and participation in the labour market,

• reinforcing social inclusion by fighting discrimination and facilitating access to the labour market for people belonging to disadvantaged communities,

• promoting partnership for reform in the fields of employment and inclusion.

Our activities carried out in Romania, financed by European Union, will focus on individuals who meet the eligibility criteria but have difficulty in accessing ESF mainstream provision. The grants purpose is to facilitate the mobilization of disadvantaged or excluded  unemployed and economically inactive people towards employment and active participation to economic life. If you are part of a target group in a project we implement and you are looking for work in a specific field, our experts could help you in your search offering you mentoring, orientation and training, from apprenticeship opportunities up to technical courses, all of it tailored to your needs.