Since its beginning, European Academy has gained valuable and second-to-none experience both in planning and delivering seminars and workshops, as well as in designing and implementing EU projects. Our mission is to become a leading educational institution in Romania, offering degrees in business management and ensuring close relations with the entrepreneurial sector. Actually, actions in the area of Life-long Education and Training are closely in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy. Through its activities, the EA endeavours to invest in and contribute to developing a knowledge-based society placing this field of action on top of its agenda.

The aim is to be among the leading European business academy in Romania that will educate talents who will drive growth and change while promoting corporate sustainability and social entrepreneurship. EA aims to offer the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised degree and expert-tailored programme of business management. Also, being an educational institution, EA promotes Lifelong Programs (LLP) through several types of seminars and programs. Management, personal development and branding, sales, marketing, payroll, leadership, PR, finances, logistics, audit, supply, production and EU-financed project management are the main topics of the seminars organised by EA. Thanks to its extraordinary achievements, EA was selected to act as the national exclusive point for several Projects Association at European level.