Last partnership meeting held in Bucharest for KA2 “D.E.E.M. Project”! 

Last partnership meeting held in Bucharest for KA2 “DEEM Project”! 


ERASMUS+ “Project D.E.E.M.” (Developing Enterprise and Employability during Mobilities) came to end! DEEM Project final meeting was organized by European Academy in Bucharest, with partners from U.K, Italy, Spain, Germany and Romania working on entrepreneurshipemployability and digitalskills for mobility learners.

It was held in Bucharest the project Final Dissemination Meeting organized in Romania at European Academy head office. This partnership final event was consequent to what has been organized in Florence (Italy), in Sevilla (Spain) and in Berlin (Germany). It should be pointed out that several dissemination activities have been carried out in every partner country, since end 2016 until now. During all transnational meetings organized, partners had progress with the development of enterprise and employability materials for European mobilities, as required by the project aims.

European Academy was involved since September 2016 as a partner in the “Erasmus + KA2” – Strategic Partnerships for VET project D.E.E.M, a EU funded strategic partnership “network to network” project aiming to adapt and transfer to the partner nations an enterprise and employability curriculum that can be used during mobilities to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of beneficiaries of such schemes and lead to sustainable employment. It was a complex training program thought to boost employability and entrepreneurship of young learners participating to Mobility Programs. Project has designed in an innovative way the most appropriate curriculum and pedagogy.

Leaded by Gecko Programmes (UK), DEEM Partnership as composed by: another partner in the UK (City College Birmingham); 4 partners from Italy (Reattiva, Cedit, IFOM and CPA), 2 partners from Spain (Incoma and Integra), a partner from Germany (Globtrain) and European Academy as unique Romanian partner.

The project had a very big impact on all 10 participating organizations by equipping them to deliver a training course that supports EU’s policies. This happened during this year and a half by embedding work based learning into their curriculum and engaging their network of host partners, in line with European Councils’ recommendations concerning high quality vocational education and training (VET) systems. All partners improved individual development plan, Employability Materials, improved Log Book and on an expression of learning outcomes and routes to ECVET.

At the same time, D.E.E.M. aimed partners involved to integrate ECVET into their existing mobility practice and developed a vademecum on successful work-based learning models. Before the event that was organized in Bucharest, it was created a tutor notes document, together with exploration of routes to ECVET certification. This was the final result of a third stage, that has been focused on reviewing the improvements brought by each partner and arrived to the final version of the Enterprise and Employability program, so that Partners started sharing the project findings with their networks and on their websites/ platforms.

European Academy will continue all its efforts in improving Employability through Teamwork, Entrepreneurship and Digital competences, thanks to the fruitful cooperation with all transnational project partners.

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