Open Tender – Communication Service for “Get up and Goals!” Project

Bucharest, 09 March, 2019

Open tender

Communication Service in the framework of the project “GET UP AND GOALS! Global education time: an international network of learning and active schools for SDGs


  1. Background Information

“European Academy” ( is a Romanian association deeply involved in educational and research activities financed by the European Social Fund and international cooperation projects, dedicated to students, minorities, women and target groups. The scope of work is to increase capacity of local actors to address employment policies, to access to labor market for unemployed, marginalized and underprivileged groups and to provide services, training courses and life learning programs that support and accelerate social inclusion.

EA mission is related to help disadvantaged people to access the labor market, by improving their skills and supporting entrepreneurship and social enterprises. EA’s main goals is the integration of cross-cutting issues, incorporating equality issues (such as gender and disability) into all policy sections and activities and collecting data on gender participation when relevant.

From November 2017, European Academy has been a partner organization in implementing a three years project (hereinafter “the project”) named GET UP AND GOALS! Global education time: an international network of learning and active schools for SDGs.

The project, co-financed by the European Union and framed under the EC DEAR (Development Education and Awareness Raising) initiative, is implemented in partnership with other nonprofit entities in the following EU countries: Italy, Republic of Ireland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, The Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom.

The general objective of the project is “To contribute to structurally link formal education to Global Citizenship Education (GCE) and awareness on SDGs”, while the expected outcomes are the following:

  • European teachers and other stakeholders (schools managers, institutions in charge for education) are aware of GCE and of the SDGs;
  • Teachers participating in training have the competencies and the adequate materials to embed it in their teaching of SDGs;
  • Students have improved their commitment on project issues through the participation in public awareness actions on SDGs; and
  • Increased the coherence of quality assessment of GCE learning outcomes, in formal education, at a European level.

The main themes addressed by the project are: Migration, Gender Inequalities, International Inequalities and Climate Change.

Two important components of the project consist in:

  • Development of a project web site in Romania. European Academy is responsible for Romanian web site of the project;
  • Update on European Academy website of the information related to project implementation in Romania (press review, events, articles, invitation);
  • Implementation of a European-wide sensitization campaign through the website, official social media pages, in order to build teacher awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and Global Citizenship Education – European Academy is responsible for the Romanian part of the campaign.


  1. Nature and scope of the service

European Academy is seeking for a qualified and competitive bidder who would be in charge for:

  • Develop the Romanian project’s web site,
  • Creating and managing the social media content (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube),
  • Design and implementation of the national raising awareness campaign in Romania and to monitor and promote the campaign locally.
  • Assure a communication expert in charge for communication activities of the project in Romania, which will deal on all specific issues related in Romania to this bid.


2.1 Development  of a Romanian project web site

The Romanian project web site will be instrumental to:

  1. The dissemination of the information related to the action;
  2. The dissemination of educational materials produced by the project;
  3. The realization of a national raising awareness campaign in Romania on Global Citizenship education for teachers, in coordination with the social media tools: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube;
  4. The creation of exchanges between students and teachers on the awareness raising actions they have realized in their local communities;
  5. The accountability and visibility of outcomes and outputs of the project;
  6. The collection of news, teaching materials and the most interesting articles on GCE and SDgs, translated and posted by partners
  7. The project website will be in Romanian, easily accessible and available on mobile devices. It will be developed using interactive tools, dealing with visitor knowledge and providing opportunities for self-assessment of knowledge improvement. The CMS will be based on open source platform (WordPress or Joomla).
  8. The Romanian website will be linked to the project central website.
  9. The national website will be reached through the Url: – the domain address will be provided by coordinator of the European campaign.
  10. The Romanian website will have a tracking code inside (provided by coordinator) in order to allow the coordinator to have the access to the data of visits to the site. Access will be read only and will allow the coordinator to view and analyze the global access data. On this basis, the bidder will produce a quarterly report for the first year, and half-yearly for the second, as well as an annual report and a final report.
  11. The Romanian national site will have the function to engage and communicate with the new and already engaged teachers of Romania, directly connected with the main European site (in English language) where they will find all the materials provided by all partners both in English and in Romanian. Romanian website will be coordinated and connected to the European one, and the general design will be based on the communication coordinator indications. If coordinator will suggest using particular programs in order to standardize the information from all national partners, the bidder should respect the technical information and programs required in order to make easier the transfer of information with communication responsible of all project.
  12. The bidder will provide the hosting/ domain and maintenance of the web site.
  13. The website should remain and be maintained for the minimum 3 years after the end of the project (counting from 31.10.2020, so until 31.10.2023).


2.2 Creating and managing the social media content (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube)

The bidder will be responsible for:

  1. Creating the social page (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) in Romanian language. The bidder will have the role of administrator of the page and the coordinator will have the role of analyst, that means the coordinator will have access to the data of the visits of the social pages,
  2. Designing and localizing the institutional campaign (translating and adapting the campaign according to the cultural context of Romania, creating new versions of the campaign) following the graphic-communicative guidelines provided by the coordinator,
  3. Writing posts on the social pages and take care of all comments on them (or monitor and optimize posts and comments from partners),
  4. Re-launching the most significant national posts in the transnational social pages of the project in English and/or in the national language (the transnational social pages will be managed by the coordinator with the role of Administrator and local agencies or partners will have the role of Editor, i.e. they will post content in national language or in English on the transnational social pages to increase the visibility of the project on a global level),
  5. Promoting content, campaign or posts in national language on the social pages, including editing posts through paid advertising programs.
  6. Upon the indication of the coordinator, monitoring the engagement and sentiment data of the national social pages in order to optimize the campaigns, posts and contents included in the national pages. The bidder has the task to statistically monitor the national digital campaign both quantitative and   qualitative (sentiment and/or content analysis, through the monitoring tool proposed by the general coordinator , Sendible).
  7. Upon indication of the coordinator, producing a quarterly report for the first year, and half-yearly for the second, as well as an annual report and a final report.
  8. On Romanian YouTube new channel, one or more videos (on the basis of the projects’ needs) will be prepared and posted on official project’s channel.
  9. Maintaining and feeding the social pages for the two years of project life (until 31.10.2020).


2.3  Design and implementation of the national raising awareness campaign in Romania and to monitor and promote the campaign locally.

The campaign will be realized in Romania, in accordance with the general guidelines and objectives at transnational level by the project co-applicants, with the support and technical coordination of a central media agency chosen by the lead applicant (CISP). The campaign will aim to raise awareness on the SDGs (Sustainable development goals), with a special focus on target 7 of the SDG 4[i].

The central message will be that SDGs and Global Citizenship Education (GCE) are key dimensions of teaching and learning in a global world.

Besides spreading these messages to a wide audience, the campaign will be one of the tools to facilitate the participation of teachers to this project.  It aims to ensure that 20,000 new European teachers (further than those already achieved with class work) go to the European site, download the materials and use them. It is therefore an engagement campaign, not a communication-only campaign.

The bidder will be responsible for the adaptation of the transnational European image campaign in Romania and will have to promote and advertise the national image campaign. The campaign will be based mainly on social media and Internet tools.

Teachers reached by the campaign will be invited to actively engage in GCE in schools, to share campaign messages with other teachers, to visit the project website and to endorse some posts/news. Website’s visitors will be encouraged through interactive appropriate tools, to download the teaching and learning materials and to test their knowledge.

A minimum of 10 press review will be prepared on local or national press as information and dissemination activities. Meantime, 20 roll-up and project poster/flyer will be prepared and located inside schools and public authorities involved.

The coordinator will provide the pillars of this campaign, but the bidder will translate into Romanian and add new pictures, reinforcement, messages and supporting activities that greatly enhance the message and make it close to the language and culture of teachers in Romania. The coordinator will have the right to coordinate and supervise the national campaign.

The campaign will use mainly You Tube (both video and presentations) and social media, platforms such as EDMODO, meetings, exhibitions, seminars during special occasion (UNESCO’s day of teachers, Global Education week of the North South Centre etc.)

Teachers reached by the campaign will be invited to actively engage in GCE in schools, to share campaign messages with other teachers, to visit the project website. Website’s visitors will be encouraged through interactive appropriate tools, to download the teaching and learning materials to use them in their classroom and to test their knowledge. The campaign will be supported by the existing thematic platforms at the national level and at European level (e.g. CONCORD, GENE, EADI).

Besides the digital campaign, the bidder has to use the conventional advertising tools and to organize the unconventional activities. Activities like: events, flash mobs, street actions, public art performance. Conventional advertising tool: design and produce promotional materials as posters and gadgets whose production will meet the principles of sustainable development.


3. How to apply

Interested applicants are invited to submit to European Academy,

no later than March 31, 2018 at 24:00 pm CET time:

  1. i) Agency CV and any attachment considered appropriate demonstrating years of experience;
  2. ii) Documentation on relevant examples of previous campaigns and websites developed in the last 5 years;

iii) Summary of the Website development plan and of the campaign communication plan, inclusive of a monitoring plan (max. 6,000 characters, spaces included);

  1. iv) Financial offer, all inclusive (personnel, consultants, running costs, materials and equipment, fiscal costs, etc.). The financial offer should clearly indicate the cost for the development of the website and the cost for the implantation of the campaign;
  2. v) Proof of registration in a UE member state in accordance to the laws of the country;
  3. vi) Declaration signed by the legal representative of the bidding entity (see note)[1];


4. Further procedures to be applied

European Academy will assess the appropriateness of the proposal in accordance to the following criteria:

  • Years of experience in areas relevant to the assignment –
  • Quality of the projects performed –
  • Innovative approach
  • Competitiveness of the financial offer (best value for money)


5. Additional information

European Academy reserves the right to cancel the proceedings or not to select any of the offers without giving a reason.

Should the committee consider it necessary, competitive bidders will be asked to provide additional information and/or documentation. “Ad hoc” meetings could be arranged in order to further discuss and analyse the contents of the offers.


[1] Declaration to be signed by the legal representative

  • The entity is not bankrupt or being wound up, is having its affairs administered by the courts, has entered into an arrangement with creditors, has suspended business activities, is the subject of proceedings concerning those matters, or is in any analogous situation arising from a similar procedure provided for in national legislation or regulations;
  • Persons having powers of representation, decision making or control over the entity, have not been  convicted of an offence concerning their professional conduct by a judgment  of a competent  authority of a Member State  which has the force of res judicata;
  • The entity has not been guilty of grave professional misconduct;
  • The entity is in compliance with its obligations relating to the payment of social security contributions or the payment of taxes in accordance with the legal provisions of the country in which  it is established;
  • The entity or persons having powers of representation, decision making or control over it have not been the subject of a judgment which has the force of res judicata for fraud, corruption, involvement in a  criminal organization, money laundering or any other illegal activity, where such an illegal activity is detrimental to the EU;
  • The entity explicitly recognize that European Academy”, the EC and any third body designed by them has the authority to monitor its activity during the implementation of the assignment.
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