Expressions of Interest – Revision of the Geo-History manual in Romanian language

Expressions of Interest – Revision of the Geo-History manual in Romanian language

European Academy is looking, in a no-tender procedure, an advisory that can work with a pool of relevant experts and professors (specialized in the subjects of history, geography and social science) that can directly manage the process of revision of the entire manual produced by the project “GET UP AND GOALS! Global education time: an international network of learning and active schools for SDGs”. 

This activity is going to be fully externalized by European Academy in order to receive the best and high quality standards of Consultancy Service (for textual revision, correction and integrations) in the framework of the project. It should be pointed out that this is not a simple work of text revision of a book, written in English and translated in Romanian, but it is also a technical adaptation to the specific school context in Romania.

The book is composed by 3 volumes (circa 350 pages, comprehensive of maps, graphics and chapters/paragraphs) and the whole revision of the full book will start in March 2020 and will end for the half of September 2020.

Interested applicants are invited to submit their technical and economical proposal to the Association “European Academy”, via mail at the address , before the 1st March 2020 (18 o’clock, Romanian time), writing in the subject “Manual de istorie globală pentru învățare in clasa: revizuire și adaptare la contextul școlar specific din România (“European teaching and learning global history manual – revision and adaptation to the specific school context in Romania”). Those who are interested should include in their mail proposal: 1. the company CV and references of similar works; 2. the fact that the team of professors that compose the technical “Scientific Committee of revision of the text” effectively has skills and a good historical to similar tasks implemented in the past; 3. A short resume of the professors (lyceum od university teachers) that they want to involve for the revision; 4. Their economical offer.

As evaluation criteria, experience in reviewing will be considered as a real plus. Only candidates meeting the required criteria, in accordance to unquestionable evaluations done by the selection committee, will be contacted. Should the committee consider it necessary; candidates will be asked to provide additional information and/or documentation.

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