Traineeship, Education, Guidance and Counseling

“Building your future!”

European Academy works in synergy with training centers, companies, technical schools, HR enterprises and EU universities. EA aims to achieve daily innovative education programmes, technical courses and dissemination activities in Romania and in CEE context.

All this will be followed by the spreading of the research activities, along with the transfer of know-how about the entrepreneurial leaders’ unique skills and experiences.

European Academy addresses its efforts to the development of cognitive and soft skills. This shall be achieved by enhancing students, graduated or unemployed’ s capacity to relate well to international and multicultural environments, to learn from experience and to shape their own vision for the future.

The Academy acts as a connecting point between the academic and business world in Romania, in which key partners from the corporate, no profit and public sectors are directly committed in the co-creation of specific programs whose main target is to enhance management practices. Training, networking, special sessions and exchanges of experiences will help students and new entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary skills and fresh perspectives on business, getting the opportunities to cooperate with local and foreign partners or learn about new markets.  Whether you are actively job-seeking, considering a career change, or rejoining the workforce, we offer a wide range of programs, services and resources which can support you along the way.